Monday, June 6, 2011

How I'm Going to Rate My Reviews...

I'm going to be reviewing some new and different types of books. So I'm guessing that I will have to come up with some idea on how I should do it. If anyone has any suggestions, please I beg of you LET ME KNOW. :)

This much I do know....I'm only going to promote books that I enjoy. There are so many reviewers out there that like to tear a writer done and I refuse to become one of their number. Writing is such an intimate and soul wretching endeavor and I would hate to think I discouraged anyone with cutting remarks that benefit no one. A book that has reached a reviewer/blogger has already been written, accepted for publication, most likely went through the final edits and is waiting to be read. If a book is unappealing word will leak out. That's just a fact.

What I want to show is books that may fall through the cracks. The books that are well written and most of all enjoyable! So I guess here goes. After a brief description and review I will give out stars:

3 Stars - Fun
4 Stars - Fun, Great Story (or characters)
5 Stars - Excellent addition the genre

So let me know what you think!

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